There be Dragons… Dragon tattoo

Dragon tattoo

January sixteenth is Appreciate a Dragon Day. In my search up for the occasion I discovered something that I was not searching for, Draconian Wicca. I have discovered a few locales that are intriguing that give essential data. My plate is somewhat full to go into all the more yet I will give you a few connections for you to look at and give you something to consider. In the interim let me give you a rundown that I found on The Witchipedia.

Draconian Wicca – What is it?

by Jeff Bronson

There are numerous manners by which mythical serpents rise up out of the domain of the mysterious. We see monster imagery both truly in child dragonpaintings and dolls and allegorically in legend and legend. Mythical beasts have been leaving a mark on the world since the very beginning, regardless of which religion or hypothesis you buy in to.

Agnosticism has likewise been around since the very beginning and Pagan conviction is loaded up with the enchanted animals. Agnostics have constantly revered the divine beings and goddesses of their way of life, just as nature, which they accept to be the indication of their gods. A standout amongst the best realized present day Pagan practices is Wicca.

I am very comfortable with Wicca, however as of late in my investigations, I’ve gone over a new branch (at any rate to me) called Draconian Wicca. While Wiccans center around divine beings and goddesses, Draconian Wiccans center around, as you may have made sense of, winged serpents, with the monster speaking to both god and goddess, light and dull, and the greater part of all, balance. Where in all conventions, mythical serpents speak to shrewdness and power, the individuals who pursue The Dragon Path make it one stride further, designating the winged serpent as All-That-Is and consolidating stately magick.

varna dragons

varna dragons

VarnaDragonsSo while not really characterized as a custom of Wicca, Draconian Wicca shares a large number of its characterizing components. It has a code of respect and its own occasions and celebrations. Like customary Wicca, distinctive winged serpents speak to the diverse components (earth, air, water, fire), which may all be worked with in various routes for various purposes. There are likewise pastorate and like most religions, it is felt that the most ideal method for going down the custom is from educator to understudy.

Draconian Wicca has its very own otherworldly aides too. Individuals who accept can talk with and even become friends with mythical beasts. As the animals live on astral planes, the correspondence is enchanted.

For more data on winged serpents, look at your nearby mysterious book shop for Llewellyn’s Dancing with Dragons: Invoke the Ageless Wisdom and Power and Mystical Dragon Magick: Teachings of the Five Inner Rings by D.J. Conway and Three Moon’s Media’s Sea, Land, Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoire by Parker J. Torrence.

Whatever way you pursue, I trust it prompts you where you should be. Favored be.

Jeff Bronson is the proprietor of, a dimly exceptional Gothic shop. Obscuria not just offers a quality choice of winged serpent puppets and mythical beast collectibles, yet numerous specially crafted, selective in the U.S things. {unfortunately the store has shut its doors}

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